Kai Crampton Goalkeeper of the Tournament

We are so very proud of Kai.  He was chosen to represent his Chelsea team in Vienna last weekend as Goalkeeper.  He has worked extremely hard to reach this standard and his weekend was successful on every level.  Kai has written the following as an account of his adventure:

“At the weekend I went to Vienna.  It was fantastic!  The tournament is the biggest tournament in the world for Under 10s.  There were 128 teams playing in the tournament, only 4 of which were from England.  Chelsea were fortunate enough to play in the opening ceremony – there were 4,000 people watching us!

On Saturday we had an early start.  Our first game was at 9:30 – we had 7 games that day.  The first game we won 6 – 0 against FCM Traiskirchen (an Autrian team).  The second match we won 5 – 1 against FC Lauterach (an Austrian Team).  Then we won 1 – 0 against SV Wienerberg (Austrian).  Next we beat Munchen (a German team) 4 – 0.  After that, we won 6 – 0 against NK Drava Ptuj (a Slovenian team), 2 – 1 against Ujpesti Torna Egylet FA (Hungarian) and lastly 6 – 0 against NK Drava Ptuj (Slovenian).  It was a hard day but we were really happy with ourselves.  On Sunday we had a tough group to play against but we managed to win them all!

Chelsea 2 – 0 FC Schalke

Chelsea 1 – 0 HJK Helsinki

Chelsea 3 – 1 Atletico Madrid

We had to come top of the group to go through to the quarter finals and we made it!

In the quarter-finals we played against Olimpia Ljubljana and won 2 – 0.

In the semi-finals we played against Red Bull Leipzig: we won 2 – 1.


We were so happy but we knew we had to prepare ourselves for a really difficult match.  So we came up with a chant to get ourselves psyched-up.  Repeat after me “I believe, I believe that, I believe that we, I believe that we can, I believe that we can win, I believe that we can win, I believe that we can win!”  It really helped.  It also helped that we had lots of supporters like Liverpool, Sunderland and some foreign teams.

In the final we had to play against Sport Lisboa e Benfica, who were the defending champions.


We were so happy, it was really emotional; we were laughing and crying.  When the final whistle blew I kicked the ball as hard as I could in the air and ran to my team mates – we were all hugging each other.  Next thing I knew we were surrounded by other players, there were so many of them we couldn’t get out.  It was amazing: we had teams telling us how good we were in that we were unreal and I was told by a Liverpool and Sunderland goalkeeper that I was the best goalkeeper they had ever seen.

So were were waiting to go up to collect our winners trophy and medals, when they said they were doing a trophy for the best goalkeeper.  my heart was racing but I didn’t think it would be me that would win it as there were so many goalkeepers there that day.  Then someone threw a Chelsea flag on the stage and the organiser said “That’s right, the number one goalkeeper is Kai Crampton”.  I was so happy and excited but my Dad made me cry because he was crying.

We then received 2 trophies: one to keep and one to give back next year when we defend our title.

The next day our coaches took us to the splash park to celebrate our win before our flight home.

It was the best weekend of my life and I couldn’t be prouder of myself.

Kai Crampton 5F