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Above: The proportion of Fair Field pupils reaching the new expected levels against national picture and local Hertfordshire picture in 2017.


84% of pupils reached the new expected level (termed ‘at standard’).

26% of our pupils reached the new higher standard (termed ‘greater depth’).

Both these results are well above the national. 

English Grammar, Punctuation and Spelling

82% of pupils reached the new expected level (termed ‘at standard’).

31% of our pupils reached the new higher standard (termed ‘higher standard’).

Our ‘standard’ children achieved above national and our ‘higher standard’ children were in line with National.


76% of pupils reached the new expected level (termed ‘at standard’). (one child has been marked up since the publication of the above graph)

26% of our pupils reached the new higher standard (termed ‘higher standard’).

Both these results were above the National Average.


80% of pupils reached the new expected level (termed ‘at standard’).

33% of our pupils reached the new higher standard (termed ‘greater depth’).

The proportion of pupils reaching the expected standard is well above the national – a terrific achievement.  The children achieving standard was above National Average.

Pupil premium is additional government funding given to publicly funded schools to raise the attainment of disadvantaged pupils. Research shows that pupils from deprived backgrounds underachieve compared to their non-deprived peers. The aim of Pupil Premium is to provide extra support and resources for these children, with the aim of closing the gap between them and their peers.

The Government has used pupils entitled to free school meals (FSM), looked after children and service children as indicators of deprivation, and has provided a fixed amount of money for schools per pupil based on the number of pupils registered as eligible for a free school meal over a rolling six year period.

Although funding is allocated on a financial year basis, we report by academic year.

We publish a Pupil Premium statement annually:

Click here for the 2014/2015 statement, including how the funds have been used and the impact of the decisions taken.

Click here for the 2015/2016 statement, including how the funds have been used and the impact of the decisions taken.

We also publish the strategy for the current academic year: Strategy for 2016/2017.

The PE and sport premium is designed to help primary schools improve the quality of the PE and sport activities they offer their pupils. We have used this grant to invest in new sports equipment, provide enhanced sports education, encourage more involvement in sport at lunchtime and after school, and to take part in inter-school sport competitions.

Clear here for our spending summary.

Clear here for the detail of our Sports Premium spend.

Our aim was to significantly impact on the amount and the quality of sport available at Fair Field, skilling up current staff (investing in capacity) and investing in equipment that can be used beyond the duration of the funding. Using the Sports Premium, we have been able to provide high-quality coaching, alongside the class teachers, for Games sessions. Every pupil at Fair Field has benefitted from this. In addition, we have provided daily coaches through every lunchtime to reach all children, including those who have not historically subscribed to these activities – cricket, basketball, short-tennis, badminton, table tennis, skipping, football, skateboarding. Again, every pupil has benefitted from this model. Investment in equipment provides facilities beyond the course of one year. And because staff have been supported by qualified coaches (rather than replaced by coaches) for Games sessions, teachers’ skills in teaching sport have improved over the duration of the funding. As a result of the funding and its allocation at Fair Field, availability and participation in high-quality provision has increased (every pupil, increased frequency) throughout the school for all year groups and will be sustained.

They say that a child is brought up by community.

Well I’m really glad that my child is part of the Fair Field community, because I think it is just excellent.

Parent, Year 6

…the school has provided excellent teaching and experiential learning opportunities for the boys…

…providing the boys opportunities to gain independence as well as educational benefits…

Parent, Year 6