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BMX champion

Fair Field has started Monday morning with a fantastic assembly by BMX champion Mike Mullen. He has talked to us about how to learn from failure, or how to Flearn. His assembly will be followed by an exciting demonstration to the whole school. Year 6 will then be split into small groups for their workshops. Great start to our...

Magical Harry Potter

As part of our Flashbackwriting English unit, year 6 were lucky enough to visit the Warner Bros. Studio Tour yesterday. Year 6 had studied a variety of scenes from both the written and film versions of Harry Potter, while analysing how flashbacks can be shown in different media.  This trip was an excellent chance for them to see many elements of the film come to life. While at the studio tour, the children were able to see over 14,000 real items, cotumes and props from the films. To make this trip even more special, we visited during the ‘Hogwarts in the Snow’ season, which sees the whole studio decorated for Christmas. Some of their favourite moments from the day included: seeing the Great Hall, which was set up for a Christmas feast; getting the opportunity to board The Hogwarts Express; completing the broomstick riding experience; and a chance to see how fire and snow are made in the films. Not forgetting the spiders… The Forbidden Forest was especially exciting for...

Learning about Owls!

In Year 6, we have had a fantastic afternoon of investigative Science. Today we analysed Barn Owl pellets in order to determine the bird’s diet. Each group worked together to carefully pull each pellet apart, search for evidence of the diet of Owls and documented each step carefully. We found evidence of rats, mice and...

Isle of Wight

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Science Week Fun!

This week Year 6 have had lots of fun exploring our science week topic of ‘Changes’. We have taken part in a workshop run by a real-life scientist where we were able to make our own slime, we have conducted experiments in class and were even able to help researchers from the University of Oxford to classify a variety of penguins. In addition to this, today we created a ‘natural colour’ wheel. First, we researched colour wheels and discussed how the primary colours can be mixed to make secondary colours then we went outside to find where these colours would be naturally occurring. We were able to find many examples around our school environment. Once back in class we grouped them together by colour and then arranged into our own colour wheels. We enjoyed looking at the way the colours change. We have really enjoyed enhancing our learning this week and exploring our natural...

Reading to 2

We have had an exciting morning in 6K sharing books with children in Year 2. It was really fun and good to meet the new children who will joining our school in September. We read some of our favourite picture books together. We also spent some time answering their questions about Fair Field and sharing our experiences whilst...