Soul for Solar raises £2,500 and Lizzie Deane wows Fair Field audience

Soul for Solar raises £2,500 and Lizzie Deane wows Fair Field audience

Friday 29 January saw the transformation of the Fair Field school hall into a live music venue, with the wonderful Lizzie Deane and her band performing hits spanning several decades. Just over £1,500 was raised from ticket sales and on the night itself, and that figure has also been generously supplemented by a further £1,000 of matchfunding from Barclays (thank you Julia Jameson for arranging!), so the solar fund now finds itself heading towards £5,000.

Lizzie sung hits to suit all tastes, from classic jazz through to Prince and Michael Jackson, and the crowd couldn’t help but hit the dancefloor. Timing the event to coincide with what is traditionally a very long (and gloomy) month certainly put people in the party mood – for many, it was also the end of Dry January, so another reason to let their hair down.

The PTA moved into the 21st century with the addition of a portable card machine at the bar, meaning that the old “I’ve run out of cash” excuse no longer worked!

And special guest, Mr Capellina, took to the stage in the interval and blew everyone away with his incredible talent on the guitar. We never knew!

Thank you to everyone who came, helped and donated. It was a brilliant night! To learn more about the Fair Field solar project and to donate, go to

20 March – “5 in 5”
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