Sports Day 2017 by Sanika Vadera 5F

On Tuesday 27th June 2017, Fair Field Junior School had their sports day. Children played a part in all kinds of sports like: tug of war, novelty, relay and lots more.

Red house came first overall with the most points. After an amazing morning, we went back into our class and had a cooling ice-lolly. In our classrooms we all did sports related things.

It was finally lunchtime. We were all starving as we had run fast and had got all sweaty. One of my classmates said, “Finally lunch, I’m so hungry, I’m going to burst!”

Later in the day, the School Sports Organising Crew (SSOC) set up for an exciting afternoon full of gymnastics, netball and speed stacking. We had fantastic leaders.

In speed stacking, we had two great players who set an example to the younger pupils. All the energetic children swapped over so that all of the players would get a chance at every activity.

It was a Sportastic Day!