Year 3 Music

In music this term, year 3 have been learning about voice types, and especially the soprano voice, which is a high female or boy singer.  One of the highest soprano songs is for The Queen of the Night, a character in Mozart’s opera The Magic Flute.  The children learned about the plot of this opera and acted it out before drawing pictures of characters or scenes from it.  These have been set to the Queen of the night’s famous aria and are on the school website.  Please do listen to this incredible song and look at their amazing artwork.
The children also learned two songs from the ABRSM Singing Prep Test.  They acted out one of them, ‘Lazy Sunday Afternoon’.  This is also available to watch on the school website, and all of the children from year 3 have been invited to sing these songs, and more, in a concert on April 20th 7pm at the school.