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  • 16/05/22

    Year 3 Stumble Upon Yet Another Mystery

    Our year 3 children were required yet again to investigate a mysterious scene found on our site.  On the 9th May, our children received a letter explaining that a set of events had taken place leaving behind some baffling clues. The author of the letter explained that whilst they had carried...
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  • 19/04/22

    Picture News School Advocate

    Picture News provides our school with resources to create engaging and exciting lessons, allowing opportunities for our children to learn about the world, develop independence, resilience, respect and unlock their own drive and passion for learning.
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  • 18/03/22

    Science Week Celebrated at Fair Field

    This week at Fair Field, we had the most fascinating science week yet. Thanks to Miss Hyde, every afternoon this week we took part in the most incredible activities. We made vegan burgers focussing on the impact meat has on our climate and we created eco-systems from natural materials found within o...
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  • 16/03/22

    Year 5 Can Really Move!

    At Fair Field, we are incredibly fortunate for occasionally we have incredibly talented visitors who visit bringing their specialisms to the children. Miss Berg, who is a dance instructor, has been working with our year 5 children and has transformed them into incredible contemporary dancers...
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  • 11/03/22

    Fair Field Sports News

    A huge well done to both our netball and hockey team. Our netball team faced Radlett Prep school and they treated us to a fantastic spectacle. Despite a close game, we narrowly lost in the last 10 seconds. We are so proud of them for their valiant efforts.  Congratulations to...
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  • 03/03/22

    The Fair Field Community Comes Together

    A big thank you to all the parents, carers and children who brought in donations for our Ukraine appeal! We are overwhelmed by the generosity and empathy you have shown for people in need. The appeal started with a small number of Romanians living in London and the surrounding counties, who just wan...
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  • 03/03/22

    Fair Field Celebrate World Book Day!

    At Fair Field, we always look forward to World Book Day and this year certainly didn't disappoint. To celebrate our love of both fiction and non-fiction books, we decided to dress up as our favourite vocabulary. This led to both wonderful costumes and joyous conversation about our favourite piec...
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  • 01/03/22

    5 Ridley Win the Reading Trophy!

    Congratulations to 5 Ridley who managed to achieve the most amount of Accelerated Reader points for the Spring 1 half term! They managed to read a whopping 83 books in such a short space of time amassing 315.9 points! We are all so impressed with their fantastic achievement.   I wonder wh...
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  • 16/02/22

    Hands on Learning!

    Year 6 had an amazing end to the half term. We watched our teachers dissect a sheep's heart - and even got to touch it - to complete our learning on the circulatory system. We also had an amazing Greek Workshop led by Dan from Portals to the Past. We dressed up as Ancient Greeks, retold Greek my...
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  • 17/12/21

    Year 6 Shock Us All!

      To finish off our Electricity topic this half term, year 6 used citrus fruits as batteries in an electric circuit. Even though we were unable to light the bulb (because our fruits didn’t create enough voltage) we watched a video which showed us that when you add copper and zinc into...
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  • 31/10/21

    Stone Age Day in Year 3!

    To immerse ourselves into the lives of people who lives during the Stone Age period, Year 3 had a Stone Age day!  The year group were split into 4 groups ready to take part in 4 activities. The children learnt about the animals that roamed the earth all those years ago, especially the megafa...
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  • 19/10/21

    Science In Year 6

    Year 6 have been learning about light in science this half term. We looked at how we see colour and created our own 'Newton colour wheels' to see how colour waves merge together to make white light. To make a colour wheel you need: a wheel template split into 7 equal parts; a red, orange, ye...
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