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  • 25/03/21

    Outdoor Pursuits Week at Fair Field

    The children at Fair Field were equipped with their Wellington boots for what was a lovely end to the Spring term. Each afternoon this week, the year groups had a different activity outdoors. We were incredibly fortunate to have Chris as volunteer to help put some of it together and we are incredibl...
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  • 22/03/21

    Art Week At Fair Field

    Last week, both children and adults were gripped by Art activities during the afternoons. All children had 4 different themes to pick from, London, animals, fruit or pond wildlife. Once a children chose their theme, they were able to choose four different objects to draw. Each day, the...
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  • 20/03/21

    Fair Field Enjoy Science Week!

    For an entire week of afternoon sessions, we immersed ourselves in innovations for the future. We dived head first into current challenges for humanity and how we might use our creativity to come up with possible inventions. Children used logical, creative, imaginative and observant skills to create...
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  • 13/03/21

    Fair Field Celebrate World Book Day!

    Despite most of our children working from home, it didn't stop us celebrating World Book Day in style! The day was filled with joy, laughter and creativity from start to finish. We began the day with a brief registration which allowed us to stare in amazement at each other in the costumes of...
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  • 12/02/21

    Year 5 Explore Antartica

    Year 5 have begun learning about Ernest Shackleton's landmark expedition crossing the Antarctic from one pole to the other through William Grill's beautifully illustrated book.  Our learning began by finding out about the man himself before choosing a member of the crew to beco...
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  • 08/02/21

    Year 4 Become Polar Bear Experts

    The Year 4s have become zoologists this term! They have been studying the largest land carnivore…the polar bear. We have been incredibly impressed with the amount of knowledge our budding scientists have been able to discover about these vulnerable, majestic creatures. Year 4 have produced ou...
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  • 27/01/21

    Celebrating Diversity Through Books

    In English, Year 6 have started the new book 'Wonder' By R. J. Palacio. It follows the life of August, a boy with Treacher Collins Syndrome and his journey into school after being home-schooled. We started by researching Treacher Collins Syndrome and thinking about August's character by...
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  • 22/01/21

    Year 3 Are Asked To Solve Yet Another Mysterious Case

    The Year 3 children were sent a video showing a dramatic event. Whilst Mrs Gray was out shopping on one sunny afternoon in her home town of Johannesburg, something entered her back garden and left a trail of devastation. Not knowing who to turn to, she sent a video message to the children explaining...
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  • 11/11/20

    Year 3 Receive Mysterious Map

    The children of Year 3 were sent an ancient map from a small town called Snowdovia near the North Pole. Mr Forrester’s brother left a message for the children explaining that he was in a bustling town preparing for a race. He was handed a map but could not decipher what the race entailed...
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  • 06/11/20

    Year 5's Poetry

    In October, as part of our work for Black History month, Year 5 read some wonderful poetry by the amazing author Joseph Coelho. We read a range of poems from the book ‘Overheard in a Tower Block’. We even performed some of the poems in class which was great fun! After reading and enjoyin...
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  • 02/11/20

    Black History Month by Year 4

    In October, we focused on Black History month and in particular on the enormous achievements of the Black community, despite the many challenges faced. We have created some sublime art; learnt about some incredible musicians and poets, created an inspirational booklet, enjoyed stories based in the C...
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  • 08/10/20

    The Year 6 World War 2 day

    Our Year 6's have been learning about World War II this term and the impact that it had on the lives of men, women and children. Our immersion day allowed the children to the opportunity to transport themselves back in time and experience some of the challenges that children would have faced dur...
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